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Fietstour Nederland

COVID-19 protocol

– Updated: 7 July 2020 –

Barrels’ Bicycle Tours Utrecht (“BBTU”) organizes its bicycle tours safely and in accordance with current COVID-19 requirements and guidelines.

Our measures and your cooperation:

  • Before every tour, BBTU disinfects every bicycle. This mainly concerns the contact parts, such as seat, handles and locks (if any)
  • BBTU will ask participants about general fitness conditions in relation to COVID-19 symptoms
  • In case of symptoms such as fever, cold, sneezing, etc., participation in the tour will be denied, subject to the applicable cancellation provisions
  • BBTU will ascertain that guides are free from COVID-19 symptoms
  • Our guides will bring disinfectant gel and wipes on every tour
  • Participants who wish to wear a face mask must provide their own face mask
  • We request tour participants to practise social distancing at one and a half meters from the guide and each other. This does not apply to participants belonging to the same social group, such as families
  • Guides are not able to maintain social distancing guidelines but expect participants to take their own responsibility in this respect
  • During each break or stop, the guides will point out the applicable COVID-19 regulations or guidelines
  • In line with BBTU’s General Terms and Conditions, all our instructions, including those related to the COVID-19 measures, should always be followed by the tour participants
  • This protocol will be shared with participants prior to the tour either by email or hard copy
  • BBTU believes these measures will minimize the risks of COVID-19 contamination, but cannot accept any liability arising from someone contracting the virus