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About us

A shared, deep-felt passion for nature, culture, sustainability and cycling forms the basis of our company: Project Lifecycle B.V. After growing up together in a small Dutch village, we all went our own way and chose completely different careers. However, many years later, the inevitable happened: our passion brought us back together again. Through Project Lifecycle, we give you the opportunity to embark on a unique cycling adventure on a very special bicycle: off-the-beaten track.

Our aim is to create eco awareness by: i) promoting the use of organic materials that are abundantly available, and ii) encourage people to ride a bike. Therefore, we build unique, high-end bicycles from bamboo in Thailand. Recently, we also started giving discarded vintage bikes a second life. These refurbished and pimped-up bikes are called reCycles.

Meanwhile, we organize amazing bicycle tours on our bamboo bicycles in Thailand and Myanmar. Our bikes are incredibly strong, comfortable and good-looking. On our tours, you can enjoy the relaxed rural atmosphere, rich cultural heritage and the beautiful nature, making it a unique experience.

About our Bikes

The easy way would have been to order off-the-shelf mountain, hybrid, or city bikes like other tour companies; it sure would have been easier and cheaper. But that’s not what we are about – we are passionate about our bicycles! We are bicycle fanatics and want our customers to experience the unbeatable ride quality that bamboo offers.

We build our bicycles mainly from natural materials, such as bamboo, sustainable wood, rattan and hemp. Research & Development are at the heart of our company. We are constantly improving technical design and material selection, based on our expertise in technical engineering and the bicycle industry as well as using the test results from the bikes used in our tours.

Currently, we are further professionalizing our production set-up and bicycle designs to be able to meet the highest international quality standards as well as clearly differentiating us from other bicycle producers.

Dutch steel bikes are widely known for their high quality, comfort and indestructibility. Many bicycles in the streets today are at least 35 years old. We recycle discarded bikes as we think it’s a waste to simply throw them away. We only replace worn-out parts, fix them up and give them a new, contemporary look. Good to go for another 35 years at least!

We can tell a lot more about our bikes, but why don’t you come and try?